NEC 2690WUXi - can it handle regular sRGB?

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Mark H
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FF3 colour management...

Pigasus wrote:

Will49 wrote:

The latest beta of Firefox 3 is color management aware, if you enable
it. So as long as you have the correct ICC profile for the monitor
installed, images should be displayed correctly.

I'd like to add my thanks for your detailed explanation of the issues.

Firefox may well be a solution. But only if it assumes that untagged
images are sRGB. This is a question I have raised in a number of
places but I still don't know the answer. So do you know what
Firefox 3 does with untagged images? Is it really going to be the
whole solution?

As I replied in another thread, but for the benefit of readers in this thread...

Firefox 3 (with CM enabled) assumes sRGB where there is no colour profile associated with an image. The colour translation between sRGB and the monitor profile still occurs (if the monitor is not itself sRGB), so the colours should look correct.

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