Harman FB Al Gloss

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MikeA Senior Member • Posts: 2,236
Re: Good results with B9180

Arriving late to the party...I can underscore what you've written about the Harman gloss paper. I've been printing on it with an Epson R1800. Though I seem to get a slightly deeper black when I print onto my usual-and-accustomed paper (Pictorico PPG), the Harman results are excellent and their canned profiles appear to have been made well. The paper surface is pleasing to the eye (and seems much tougher than the Harman matte paper's surface).

I notice slight bronzing when the Epson R1800's "gloss optimizer" isn't used. The effect is not extreme. There doesn't seem to be any ill effect when the print is viewed head-on. The gloss optimizer tends to dull highlight areas a tiny bit and might even add a very very slight blue-ish cast to them. I'd love to get along without it and I think I can skip it with the Harman paper. I hope they plan to arrange fading/color shifting tests via Wilhelm's lab (or others, if there are other such labs). The possibility of reduced print life is always a concern with papers that aren't matched by design to particular ink-sets.

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