NEC 2690WUXi - can it handle regular sRGB?

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Re: Just got off the phone with NEC

Will, first off let me thank you for responding to this thread in such detail. Your time and expertise are most welcome, and gratefully appreciated.

Will49 wrote:

The monitor…was intended to…display images in
wide color gamut. To use it in sRGB mode is kind of like getting a
Porsche and driving it around in first gear. OK, granted there are
times when you may need to do this, but it shouldn't be that often.

I don’t own a Porsche, but they’re all over the roads around here in Fairfield County, along with Ferraris and other fancy toys. They’re not going any faster than my sedan, and they’re parked in the grocery lots like everyone else. I’d guess that 95% or more of computer owners, like sports car owners, use their gear for everyday tasks most of the time. Even a serious photo hobbyist like myself is doing myriad other tasks, often simultaneously with several program windows open. Only graphics pros – and there are some on DPR – have no need of sRGB.

On both the LCD2490 and LCD2690, the sRGB preset is just that - a
factory preset. It can't be user adjusted on either. If you are using
a DVI digital signal then there shouldn't be much difference between
your PC and the system used to calibrate it at the factory.

This is at the core of what I’m trying to figure out. What you said here confuses me. On the NEC 2490 page it says:

“Internal 12-bit Look Up Tables (LUTs) allows the display of 16.7 million colors out of a palette of 69 billion, thus providing for more points of shading between white and black and virtual elimination of color banding and posterization effects “

Those internal 12 bit LUT’s must be used for calibrating the monitor. What else would they be for? If that’s true, it means that the 2490 can be calibrated using its 12 bit LUT’s. And that would be in sRGB, since the 2490 is spec’ed at 76% Adobe coverage. That would be the opposite of what you said.

What am I missing? Does SpectraView work on the 2490? How does one use those LUT’s on the 2490? How does one calibrate the 2490? What mode are you calibrating in? Is it only through the graphics card? Any light you shed on this would be MUCH appreciated.

Looking towards the future, it has finally become obvious that color
management is necessary in web browsers and other applications.

I’m sure you’re right about that. But until the kinks are ironed out and the world is color-aware compatible – what do you think, 2 to 4 years? More? – Most of us will be using plenty of standard, non-color aware applications that utilize sRGB.

One strategy is to get the more advanced 2690 now. Then use it in the sRGB and occasionally in aRGB for critical Photoshop work, and figure that by the time the industry standardizes I’ll be ready with a great screen. I'd like to do that, and am considering this as an option. I WANT to get the 2690, the newer, more capable and bigger screen. But I don’t want to set up huge hassles, or change my OS and all my programs. I’m trying to figure out how I can get the fancy new gear and still use all my current programs successfully.

Here’s my bright idea. I’d love a reality check on it. Switching modes on occasion sounds like it might do the trick, or am I wrong? It doesn’t sound too bad. How long would that take – to turn the sRGB preset on and off on the 2690 screen, and select/deselect a profile from the graphics card? Would that be easy? Would it involve a reboot? Am I completely off the mark with this notion?

Contrast that to a Mac, where the browser understands color
management and this is pretty much a non-issue.

Ah, Mac envy strikes again. You would have to rub it in.

Once again, your thoughtful comments and input are greatly appreciated.

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Tom B

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