trying to compare raw & jpeg images

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Re: trying to compare raw & jpeg images

I just wanted to add a few things to the excellent answers you've got so far, they really convinced me of how great RAW was...

  • check out the CONTRAST control. Yeah, yeah, you know what that does, right? But take a RAW picture of a people shot, and in PP, start with LOWEST contrast. Then check Medium. Then check out HIGH contrast!

Now..if you ask me, the rendering of these different examples is DRAMATIC! Portraits look GREAT at low contrast, and often suffer if it's higher. But other shots may call for Medium or High. With RAW, these are decisions that don't affect the quality of the picture. Awesome.

  • check out the WB control. Same thing. Perfect adjustments, and no hit in image quality when using RAW.

Those 2 controls are about the only thing I ever do in RAW, but those are IMPORTANT controls if you ask me, as they can radically change the intent of the picture.

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