G9 LCD Leak and Purple Pixels

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G9 LCD Leak and Purple Pixels

I started off with a 10D, then 20D, now I have both the 20D and 40D.
I also have a SD550 and a Canon HV20. This will be relevant later.

I wanted a P&S with some DSLR features, so decided on a G9.

I ordered through Amazon, and the first thing I noticed after I set the date was a purple line of pixels about 3mm wide 1 pixel tall in the lcd on the top middle and there was a dark greenish blue pixel on the bottom right.

Now here's the odd part.

Camera lcd sleeps, I wake it up, the purple pixels are gone. The greenish blue pixel is still there.

Doesn't seem to show up on photos.

I turn off the camera, and turn it back on, both sets of pixels are back?

The pixels do not show up during playback. But I didn't review it on my LCD displays. BTW, I have a 24" dell and 30" apple cinema display with NO stuck pixels.

I just opened the battery and set the time, took 5 shots on a separate sd card. Everything else unopened. Do I send it back saying I don't want it, or will they give me a hard time if I say the reason is because of these "stuck pixels?" on the LCD?

I went to circuit city today and they had two. I told them my situation and they said if I buy it, I can bring it back to the camera department and inspect it.

I found a light leak similar to the photo that I saw in another thread. When the screen is black, it shows lcd ghosting from the bottom. But there were no dead pixels. The sales guy saw it and agreed that it would bother him too. So he checked the other and said it was the same.

So they refunded me the $514 and I went home empty handed.

Now I'm in no "rush" to have this camera. I have 3. Two I'd rather use for my paid gigs, the SD550 is just too noisy at ISO 400. I want a camera with quality and flexibility without the weight of a DSLR. So this weekend, I'll have to lug my DSLR to take "snaps" at my cousin's wedding. And I'd rather not feel like i'm "working"

None of my Canon cameras had any of the LCD issues that I saw in the 3 G9 cameras? Some of you can ignore it if it doesn't affect the image, but if my other canon cameras don't have it, I don't expect a brand new $500 G9 to have it either. With a point and shoot, I would be using the LCD a lot, and in low light, that light "cloud" or stuck pixels would be distracting.

In light of the recent A650 recalls, and 1D MKIII focus issues, I'm a little weary about canon quality control. I guess I got lucky with my 40D.

The sad thing is that I should have bought from circuit city in the first place, it was only $7 more (total cost) than my Amazon order and I don't have to pay for shipping to send it back.

What's ironic is that I haven't been in a circuit city in 3 or so years. If they are going to be cool about me inspecting it before I leave, I'm patient enough to find the diamond in the rough. Luckily I have another circuit city near by.

Hope you all have had better luck.


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