Nikon vs Canon in regards to color saturation

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My thoughts on this issue Re: Nikon vs Canon in regards to color saturation

Hi nsimov,

this is something I've pointed out on many occasions to Canon shooters. They tend to want to disagree. As a matter of fact I pointed that out to "Newspaper Man" in a thread he started just the other day.

I pointed out that one of my pet peeves with Canon is the very milky/bleak - simply put less saturated colors of Canon. I feel they tend to favor cool less saturated blues. I always recommend renting one Canon & one Nikon with about the same lens. Get settings from someone who normally shoot each one of them (so you're not shooting "blindly") shoot the same subject with the same setting right after each other. Print them out & see which you like best.

Now, you can sit & pp every shot you take with a Canon so you get warmer tones - - but that would take time even in batch.

I do believe I've read that some Canon shooters actually still use Nikon lenses due to the fact that they like the colors of the Nikon lenses better. One way to go I guess.....

I see it like this. In old film stock days, people either favored Kodak colors or Fuji colors. Kodak was always warmer & Fuji always seemed cooler. Some say that Fuji Film therefore was better on skin tones. I always shot Kodak color as I like the warmer more saturated tones.

I love to look at tests shot with Nikon & Canon cameras to pick which I like the best. I don't cheat & check which camera has shot which. Last time I did that I almost had a heart attack. I kept picking the shot I though was a Canon 5D. Every shot the same thing. I was about to say - OK, first time I've ever done that, but OK. So I either just deal with it or I sell all my Nikon stuff off & buy Canon. Well, turned out that what I was picking was the D200 every time. Boy did that make me laugh. I've seen tests where 5 cameras have been pinned against each other. Then I picked the D2Xs & D200 over all the others.

Now, having written this I also feel I need to mention that I love to look at tests of Nikkor/Nikon lenses. I recently saw a test where I Zeiss 85mm f/1.4 was pinned against the Nikkor 85mm f/1.4, f/1.8 & f/2. I found myself liking the colors of the Zeiss, & the Nikkor f/1.4 & f/2. I did not like the colors of the f/1.8 (in that specific test).

I guess I've gotten really picky. I now pin lenses against each other just to see to it that I get the color rendition I like & want out of the camera.

Boy, this has gotten long - but I do think about it a lot.

So in conclusion. Is there a color difference - YES. No matter what others will tell you. If you see it, trust me - it's there. It's kind of like people who can taste the aftertaste of artificial sweeteners & those who can't (I can). You either have that sensitive a pallet or you don't. You obviously have a sensitivity to color.

Personally I believe it's in the lenses, how they treat the light. But what do I know.... I'm sure it's not the sensor, nor settings.

So in conclusion - rent a Nikon - a D2Xs or D200 for a weekend. Pin it against your favorite Canon & please let us know what you find out.



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