NEC 2690WUXi - can it handle regular sRGB?

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Re: Another point.

For whatever it's worth, and it may not be much, I've got the 2690 and have had none of the problems described. I believe the humming sound was an issue that tended to occur in the European models which have different internals to meet EU requirements

I also don't understand the SRGB issue. My work flow (camera, monitor and Photoshop) is all argb. Prints match very well. When I put stuff on my web site I run a batch command and convert my files from 16 bit argb PSD/Tiff files to 8 bit srgb jpeg. I assume there is some compression going to srgb, but I can't see it on the monitor. Could be I'm just not as critical as others on such things.

The 2690 is a great screen for photo editing and the Spectraview software makes calibrating a snap. When I first got the monitor and later when I got Spectraview, I called their tech support with really basic questions on set up etc and got real humans who actually worked on developing the monitor and the software. As you can see from the other thread on this subject, their tech support guy (Will) , addresses questions when posed.

Keep us posted on what you end up doing.

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