The Canon D60, underwater. :)

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Re: The Canon D60, underwater. :)


So, you are using the strobes in manual mode. Do you feel that the DS 125 strobe adjustments are enough with Full, 1/2, 1/4, 1/8 powers?

I have been thinking of Sea&Sea YS-DX90 strobes to be used with D60. Do you have any experience of these with D30/D60?

By the way Hugyfot ( ) will introduce a housing for D30 (D60?) in May. It will be machined aluminium and the price should be around EUR 1800.


Eric Cheng wrote:
Strobes are nice! I'm using a Nikonos -> dual Ikelite sync chord.
No TTL, unfortunately.

You can't pop the flash up in the housing, either, so you can't use
slave sensors.

I'm praying that Ikelite manages to figure out hotshoe-based E-TTL
for their strobes. We'll see....

Also, the forums on are much more active for
underwater stuff. You might want to try asking about the Ike
DS125s over there.

SKSuga wrote:

Nothing jaw-dropping??? You must have stronger jaw muscles than I.
Pics are amazing!

Q?: on the strobes: How do you like them? Are you using the slave


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