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Martin Datzinger Senior Member • Posts: 2,248
Is this Kindergarten here?

Calling someone Pompous A$$, W@nker or Canon Troll, just because he, or one of his staff members happens to find the D3 files noisier then the MkIII's after a 5 minutes test? Apart from that he likes colour and exposure better? Maybe this guy really just screwed up the settings! But at least he's got the spine to stay here and answer all of your insults!

You act like a 5 year olds crying about another kid debasing a toy you don't even own, yet waited for since you can remember because you always thought the other kid had better toys, damaging all the self-confidence you've never had.

Let's hope DiverX, betterliving, JohnSavage, Snycer, etc. are the real Canon Trolls in disguise, trying to make mature Nikon shooters look like insecure crybabies.

Not the first time this behaviour is to be noticed here, though. And I must say from every respone I read in the Canon Forums to D3 samples, they sound much more like pros, something between admiration, positive thinking (competition is good), to (in the worst case) bitching around asking the OP not to post this stuff in Canon forums - which even is a valid.

Reminds me of the old Canon vs. Nikon brand wars on photoshopper.com forums, that, at last only consisted of severe name-calling. Something I guess we don't want here.

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