The Canon D60, underwater. :)

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Re: The Canon D60, underwater. :)

I was like OH Menpachi
dis has to be Hawaii waters
I have around 5000 dives here (tis me home) Maui that is

so I still shoot Nikonos but have been wanting to house a digi soon waiting for full frame for wideangle stuff we sahll see but might get one if hte bug bites hard enough
I had fun looking and reading your pages
just for grins your fishy pic on the 28th of yellow white is a Pyramid butterfly
on teh 5th teh parrot guy is actually a wrasse a yellow tail coris

tis my fav fishy I used to ahve a few of them as friends at molokini when I was teaching there full time they are quite cool fish
Alua is actually Ulua

on the 6th tis a Whitleys boxfish not that many people call em that they just call em boxfish heheheheheh or a spotted is a female the blue ones ya see are the males
I like Stumpy that is so cool

I had a dive buddy yellowtail coris that had one tooth busted out everydive he would hang out with me the whole dive was so cool would go down and there he would be booking across the reef and he would stay within a few feet the whole time then one dya he wsa never there was very sad for me ;( anyway
the trigger looks like a gilded

the one fish that is most way down unidentified is a Scribbled filefish some people call em scrawled to (oh just noticed ya got the name down next to the wrong fishy the little guy looks like a blenny maybe a ewa blenny ??

the one ya call a colorful triger below the filefish looks like a eyestripe surgeon fish
dont know if ya know but a wire coral is a black coral
some people find that interseting
LIke your Maui write up
Maui is loosing its quaint charm ;(

sad enough to may yuppy type and the hippy type that say quit poluting and drive beaters that smoke like carzy ????
was a better place a while back

I used to live on Lanai some ten years ago and dove over there every day that was a great place sadly agian Maui is changing and not for the good not going against it just is becoming Oahu my wife and I are thinking big island ???

the fish on your Maui page with the big tail is the scribbled filefish the butterfly below it is a ornate butterfly fish
yeah quite a rain storm we had that is for sure woke me up
so ya still in Maui ????
it shows ya date out to the 10th ????
anyway loved reading your stuff

just so ya know wasnt trying to be a jerk by naming the fishes just so into it form teaching diving for years out here and being a underwater fanatic
hope ya understand that

your love hate realtionship with squitos is a good thing the black and white ones if ya see em are bad news as there has been quite a few cases of Dengui fever realted to them so avoid em they bite during they day

I lived on Utila in the bay islands for a year (doing scuba) and got Dengui down there it is not fun trust me

anyways have a good time and loved seeing your pics also loved hearing about a housed 60
looking forward to more info in it

I am looking to switch from my nikonos setup soon ??? I mostly shoot with a 15mm though
anyway take care

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