The Canon D60, underwater. :)

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Re: cool

Hey, Sean -

Lead times on the housings are really long, unfortunately. I hope Uwe ramps up manufacturing!

The first time I used the housing was in Kona in November ( ). We used a 17-35L on that housing, but with a flat port, and it worked fine. Jim Watt uses his 17-35 with an extender and Nexus 8" dome port (with a Nexus dome port adapter he had machined locally on Kona), and he has had good results with it, with no dipoter adjusters, but he has to use one for his UK Germany EOS 3 housing for some reason (it's the old cast housing -- not nearly as nice as the new machined one).

Anyway, the 16-35L would be a perfect lens for this camera. I might try to get the proper ports for it for a future trip.

sean wrote:

I've been pondering getting this housing, but I'd want to use it
with the Canon 16-35L. Have you used this with any zoom lenses? I'm
curious if a zoom requires a diopter adjuster, it's hard to tell
from UK-Germany's Gernglish website ;-p. I've emailed Uwe a few
times and it always take a month or two to get a reply!

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