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Re: 1.00G version.

GrAnd wrote:

yournamehere wrote:

It doesn't start blinking right away for PS1.fir, it takes 1 min 25
sec consistently to start. For PS2.fir, it binks as soon as you press ok.
When PS1 finishes, it turns the AF light off, When PS2 does, it
doesn't turn it off but load.exe times out. I haven't waited after to
see of light turns off after a while.

Ok. If PS*.FIR files are compiled from the included in the same
archive (I didn't check, let's assume) they both must start blinking
immediately. And finish in the same manner.

I'm running the G7 compiles from

From PC-receiver (load.exe) source we can see that the speed 9600bps
is set for COM-port. For this speed 2Mb should be downloaded less
than 30 minutes. You said that your download process took 40 minutes
(for 1700Kb of data?). Therefore, the speed is 5800 bps. Speed

It takes around 40 min whatever the end file length is. I'm not stopwatching any more, I did at first, now I just get an idea when I look at the LED/screen from time to time and find it ended blinking/loading.

Actually, the firmware starts from address 0xFF810000. But PS1.FIR
dumps from 0xFF800000. The first 65K block is filled with 0xFF byte.
It looks like solid light during blinking. The starting sequence
(0x55 x 512) takes less than a second (and looks like a little bit
darker than solid), so you just can miss it. And, if we calculate the
time, which is neded to dump 65Kb on your speed, it will take 90
seconds (close to your 1m25s, eh?).
The same for the end of firmware. The firmware is less than 4M, so
the rest space is filler with 0xFF byte as well. That why you see
AF-beam is on.

The issue is not my eye but load.exe which times out during the 1min25s if started too early. I've tried starting it sooner and times out once and again until I (and load.exe too) can see the AF led blinking, it's the same at the end of part two, AF led stays on but load.exe times out.

What I have now out from the "dark room" is 1.990.088+1.796.223 = 3.786.311 bytes long, pretty close to 4Megs

PS1 beginning and end of files are...

$ hexdump G7_1.00G_PS1.fir ~ less
0000000 ffff ffff ffff ffff ffff ffff ffff ffff
0000090 ffff ffff ffff ffff 0002 fca0 0099 ea00
00000a0 0743 72de 76da 74fe cc20 ce39 cb39 3032

.... ....

01e5da0 706e 1cfd 00e1 1000 cb40 95fa 004c 80fd
01e5db0 5040 70e2 00c0 701a 5e30 f87e d320 c5f8
01e5dc0 a00c d9e3 646e 002e

and for PS2....

$ hexdump G7_1.00G_PS2.fir ~ less
0000000 d5d5 5555 d555 5555 d555 5555 5555 5555
0000010 5555 5555 55d5 d555 5555 d5d5 5555 55d5
0000020 5555 5555 55d5 5555 55d5 5555 d5d5 5555
0000030 d555 55d5 d555 5555 55d5 d5d5 5555 5555
... ...
00001e0 d5d5 5555 d555 d555 d555 5555 5555 55d5
00001f0 55d5 55d5 55d5 d555 d555 d555 d555 5555
0000200 6562 da76 c16e 5200 86fc a010 07f8 8000
0000210 00e2 0000 7b1a c1e4 bffd 0019 80fd 5000

... ...

01b60c0 ef1a 1a3c 2cbb bb1a c684 d4bb f7c6 eed0
01b60d0 0000 0000 0000 ffff ffff ffff ffff ffff
01b60e0 ffff ffff ffff ffff ffff ffff ffff ffff
01b6870 ffff ffff ffff ffff ffff ffff ffff 00ff

How does it look to you? I can forward them both to you if you want to have a close look at them. Anyway I'll still trying until I get consistent results.

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