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Re: SW gradient filter and split scene tone curves ...

Clint Sanders wrote:

I've thought about doing that.


I thought about that too. Although it might take a lot of work.

Good, now stop reading here and start to code ...

A simple place to start might be to allow the user to select a
certain brightness, and everything above that brightness gets put
into a one layer, and everything below that brightness into another,
and then each layer could be treated separately. Then I might have to
work on a gradient transition between the border pixels of the
layers, as the human eye is good at edge detection.

Yes, but the 'ground area' will also have some small parts that are as bright as the sky. Those parts should still belong to the ground area. If the user could just use a lasso or setup a single line between the areas after your
'brightness selection' it might work.

The sky could also have some darker areas that would have to be considered too.

I guess we need to start sending you some typical images that you can have as benchmarks ?

Support for panoramas ?

If you could import 16bit TIFF, a 1 gigapixel image will take 6GB of memory ... if it should be played with after the stitching. Then you can only have parts of the image in memory at the time ... on the other hand 8GB of memory might not be so expensive in near future ... How big images are supported by tiff (65k*65k ?) and your program ?

Manually selecting sky and ground in every image before stitching isn't fun either ...

I guess that an automatic mode is hard to implement but it could start with your 'selected brightness' method ...

If I may wish what you should start with, then it's a flexible gradient filter. Think of very wide panoramas with a skyline that is not exactly linear. Used with raw (for single images) and an efficient implementation for 16bit tiff support (stitched images) would be great

I know I ask for too much ...

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