Does this Photographer know some stuff or what?

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Check out my earlier posts on extracting and painting

I point out where he has extracted the pictures. You can then add light and mist to the middle/background layers and "PAINT" the subjects.

You can see the extraction at the left of the tree (straight vertical line) and how he cloned the tree/bush in the background 3 times.

Find a great tree and pose some children.
Extract them and find a new background if needed.
Add mist and lighting to that background, not the subjects.
"Paint" the subjects but not the tree/background.

joeiscoffee wrote:

Interesting photo session here. From the artist, AndRe Arment:
"Rarindra is My friend, some time we taken photos at the same place
and the same time. There's no special technique, we just lucky here
have good ligthing maybe ligthing like that only at tropical
countries like Indonesia."

So is this the story of the mist and light rays? That they are
natural atmospherics that occur almost daily in this magical place?
And that Rarindra and Andre perhaps enhance in pp but do not create
with overlays and gradients?

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