K100D & K10D, shake reduction and 'foreign' optics.

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Re: K100D Anti-shake

The excerpt from the manual tells us only which menu is used to enter focal length with an older lens, not whether the AS feature needs the info to function.

I agree that an AS system that takes account of focal length SHOULD theoretically be more effective; but the question is whether Pentax's sytem DOES in fact do so. The similar anti-shake system on the Sony A100 does not.

I've located at least one full-fledged test of the K100D, and several blogs, that say the AS system works fine with older (non-EXIF) lenses. "Artist eyes", for example, on a thread about older Pentax lenses, says: "I'm very happy with the K100D. The... AS anti shake works at least 2 f stops."


Unfortunately he (or the other people advancing such claims) doesn't explain how he measured the 2-stop improvement, or for which range of focal lengths it held.

No amount of armchair theorizing or textual exegis of manuals or advertising claims can substitute for actual empirical tests.

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