NEC 2690WUXi - can it handle regular sRGB?

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Jim Dandy wrote:

After going to my own website, I see now what others are complaining
about as far as oversaturated colors on images prepared in sRGB, so I
take back my statement about all being fine. I was referring mainly
to general websites as far as appearances go. sRGB images

Thanks Jim. That confirms what others have been seeing and commenting on.

It explains how some people can love this monitor because most of they do is Photoshop, where the colors look great because it's an Adobe program in aRGB. It also explains how the average user could detest the screen because of the way everything else looks.

Nelson, you also confirmed this:

Any untagged images are assumed to be in the Adobe RGB space so the ones in the sRGB color space will be shown oversaturated. This applies to most of web sites and icons, graphics and video clips on the Windows.

Nelson, I read your detailed post about how to set up for sRGB. I followed what you did and saw that it would work, but it's pretty involoved, requiring rebooting into safe mode and all. I't not something one would do to go from Photoshop to surging the net. As you said,

It was still a lot of work just get tagged sRGB images look right.

It's not something you would do five or ten times a day, to switch from using Photoshop to surfing the net.

David, your experience is different:

I have a 2690 and have the colour space set to sRGB. I calibrate it with an Eye-One Display 2 and my vga card software shows these profiles and appears to use them quite happily.

Do you set the monitor to sRGB and leave it there? When you use Photoshop, are you using the 2690 in sRGB mode? Does that mean if you set the 2690 to sRGB, ignoring aRGB, you can see images properly in Photoshop?

Please bear with me on these questions. I'm coming from a CRT. I have never owned an LCD monitor.

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