NEC 2690WUXi - can it handle regular sRGB?

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NEC 2690WUXi - can it handle regular sRGB?

I'm about to get a new monitor. I've narrowed it down to one fo three:

1. NEC 2690WUXi
2. NEC 2490WUXi
3. Eizo CE240W

The 2690WUXi is appealing, because it's IPS and large. BUT: I have read that its wide gamut can only be calibrated to aRGB, and won't handle sRGB. That's fine for Photoshop, but if that's true it would mean blown-out reds and oversaturated colors for ordinary use, such as internet sites and video clips.

I know some of you have this monitor. What's your experience?

I read one post by a guy who was so frustrated with the 2690's inability to do sRGB -- which, as you know, means MOST images in computer usage, they're almost all sRGB -- that he sent it back and got tthe NEC 2490WUXi, which he loves.

The 2490WUXi is a standard gamut, not wide, and has no trouble with sRGB. It can also be calibrated to aRGB for Photoshop.

This is driving me crazy. I haven't seen any but a couple of people commenting on it, and those who did comment disliked the 2690 so much they got rid of it.

The Eizo has gotten unanimous raves by professional reviewers. Also, I spoke with the guys at B&H last week, and they LOVE the CE240W. They use it themselves every day, and see an improvement in the way images appear on the CE240W versus their other screens, and they have a lot of screens to compare with.

But: it's a PVA panel, so I'm worried that I'll get the same off-axis contrast issues as with othe PVA's, despite it being an Eizo. Is this true? Anyone know?

Any experience you guys have with these screens would be much appreciated.
Tom B

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