K100D & K10D, shake reduction and 'foreign' optics.

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Re: K100D Anti-shake

"... Since their film-era, pre-EXIF lenses don't communicate anything except the aperture setting to the camera, I would presume the anti-shake system doesn't need to know the focal leng[th]. ..."

The offset of the image at the sensor for any given (angular, lateral) motion of the camera will be directly proportional to the len FL.

For the sake of argument, let's assume the coverage angle of a wide angle lens is 90 degrees and we shake the camera with a movement that causes a 1 degree shift. The movement at the sensor would be 1/90 of the image. Now put on telephoto lens with a 10 degree coverage. That same 1 degree of shake now becomes 1/10 of the image at the sensor.

The camera needs to know the FL of the lens for optimum SR operation.

Before anyone jumps on me for using angular motion in the exercise above ... yes, I know the K10D and K100D only have X-Y sensors. I just think it's a bit easier to visualize the offsets as angular vs lateral in the exercise.

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