Upgrade to dSLR from FZ50? Please read...

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lessons i learned

no fz50, i had a fz20. My kids were in sports,and the fz wasnt the proper tool. i bought the oly e-1, and sold the 20. for sports, at that time, the e-1 was the better camera.

i went with oly primarily because of the dust buster. at that time, dust on the sensor really scared me. also, the e-1 system is weather proofed, which is helpul because the kids play soccer in the rain.

i recently purchased the fz7. it is a great travel camera. the e-1 with all the gear is too bulky and heavy for me to travel with.

i do not take better photos with the dslr vs the panny. for me the camera itself dosent improve the quality of my shots. it is a tool to help me do what i need. ie low light ,i would need higher iso, the oly is better than the panny. bigger buffer, the oly is better. carrying a bunch of stuff on a trip, panny. plus th e panny takes nice video. say i was outside, beautiful day, and i had both cameras, you would not see a "better" picture from one over the other from me. the biggest improvement would be to get a better photographer.

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