Pbase - please explain how this guy can be #2?

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Re: Pbase - please explain how this guy can be #2?

First of all, if you are a photographer, poo-pooing another photographers work is low class.

Secondly, what is judged as good photography is mostly in the hands of those that look at it, not other photographers. If people like it, it is good photography. If people don't like it, it's not very good. You are entitled to your opinion of course, but don't think you see something others don't or that others can't see what you do.

What I see when I look at those photographs is a very good use of color and place. Sort of "just show up with a camera, you can't go wrong." People like color and people like places that look interesting. Mostly they could care less what camera you use or what ISO you shoot at or how much noise you have in the shadows.

Photography as art is very subjective. I'd say, study what he is doing and try to learn from it.

Peter_M wrote:

I checked the most popular galleries last 90 days and see this:

of course this guy has some nice photos but 90% are snapshots. I'm
not saying that I am a better photographer, but there are 100s of
better galleries out there.

Maybe I'm blind... but how did this guy manage to get so many comments?
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