wolverine or lacie all terrain hard drive

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Re: wolverine or lacie all terrain hard drive

Given that some Lacie drives are rebranded el-cheapo chinese pieces of sh*t, I would avoid them.

harveyabc wrote:

the posts i've read have been great and have helped me decide on what
to take
on 3 week trip to thailand.

have never owned a portable hard drive. the wolverine 7040 (40gb)
and lacie (80gb) have both been suggested. i really don't need more
than 40gb. the wolverine has a screen but the lacie does not. how
important is the screen.

already own the ipod video (30gb), taking the ipod/adapter and one of
the above portable hard drives.

i will have access to electricity.

have always shot just jpeg. gonna start shooting jpeg + raw.
how do you figure out capacity (#of images) a 2gb lexar 133x card
will take.

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