Moon shots

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Optimum aperture

bob elkind wrote:

  • aperture... do you shoot wide open or do you stop the lens down ?

You're stacking a f/2.8 with a 2x and 1.4x, you're up to f/8 wide

The lens was stopped down 1 stop for this photo, although its optimum is actually 1.3 to 1.5 stops down from wide open. This is true regardless of which TC or TC combination is used with the lens. The EXIF data does not reflect the presence of the 1.4x TC, only the 2x TC which the lens was mounted to, so the effective aperture was actually f/11.

  • shutter speed... critical ? not critical ? At f/16 (effective),

if I shot at 1/100 sec (the shutter speed in your posted sample) the
image would be way undeexposed at ISO100. Are you doing something
tricky to get 1/100 sec at ISO100 with your setup, or are you taking
an exposure level hit and boosting in PP ? Or am I imagining things,
and exposure is just fine at 1/100 sec ?

I find that 1/80 to 1/100 is the correct exposure at f/11, ISO 100, provided the moon is well above the horizon, and the atmosphere is clear. This records the brightest highlights at about 200-210 data value. Some prefer to expose the moon to a whiter level, but I do not believe this provides a realistic rendering.

It takes very little haze to reduce the exposure considerably. Even thin, high clouds which the moon is clearly visible through to the eye, will reduce exposure by several stops or more.

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