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To Marianne

I agree with previous poster, your image is the best I've seen with non-astronomy gear. Questions for you on your settings:

  • aperture... do you shoot wide open or do you stop the lens down ? You're stacking a f/2.8 with a 2x and 1.4x, you're up to f/8 wide open.

by comparison, I'm using a 500mm/6.3 lens stacked with a 2x TC, leaving effective f/12.6 "wide open", and then I stop the lens to f/8 for sharpness... and now I'm at f/16 (diffraction ? what diffraction ?).

  • shutter speed... critical ? not critical ? At f/16 (effective), if I shot at 1/100 sec (the shutter speed in your posted sample) the image would be way undeexposed at ISO100. Are you doing something tricky to get 1/100 sec at ISO100 with your setup, or are you taking an exposure level hit and boosting in PP ? Or am I imagining things, and exposure is just fine at 1/100 sec ?

I appreciate your help, Marianne. Taking the "perfect moon shot" won't solve all of life's problems for me, but it's kind of like buliding your own light sabre if you're a Jedi apprentice... it's a rite of passage, so to speak.


Bob Elkind

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