Moon shots

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Setup recommendations

In addition to the advice above:
1. Use two tripods, or a tripod plus a monopod under the camera body.
2. Set up on a hard surface such as a concrete pad.

3. Wait for a calm evening, and for the moon to be high above the horizon. Atmospheric distortion can be severe at high magnification.

4. Use a cable release and mirror-lockup, allowing at least 5 seconds between mirror-up and exposure.

5. Use manual focus, bracketing in very fine increments. I move the (very large) focus ring of my AF-I 400/2.8 about 0.1mm between frames - seriously!

6. Be aware that if you spend very much time outside, you may need to re-focus due to lens temperature change.

Example - D2X, AF-I 400/2.8 + TC-20E + TC-14E (yes, you can stack converters with a simple modification):

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