Rebate pre-jitters...

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Rebate pre-jitters...

OK, after hearing both horror stories and "everything turned out fine for me" stories, I decided to contact Pentax to clarify some issues.

Primarily, I was concerned about what Pentax considers an "original sales receipt" as stated on the rebate form. I bought my K10D from Dell online, and I received via e-mail what Dell calls an "invoice."

I just don't want someone denying the rebate because the piece of paper I have that says, "Yes, you bought a K10D from us on this date and have paid for it" technically does say it is a "reciept" - it is called and "invoice."

I am less concerned about, but am also wondering, if I have to mail my rebate stuff in by Oct. 4 (30 days after I bought the K10D) or by Sept 30 (the end of the rebate ofer period. I would assume the latter, but again, I don't want to take any chances.

I would mail it out tonight, but I was worried abou som potential glitch AFTER I've sent everything off.

Anyway, I posed these questions via both the rebate status web form AND the customer suppot web form (as I was on hold for customer support via the phone - LONG wait, and still no answer...)

Here's the e-mail I sent.....

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I'm a bit concerned about reports I've read that users are having problems getting their rebates. I need to pre-clarify some issues to make sure there are no problems or delays with my rebate.

1) The rebate form says, "Rebate offer valid August 1, 2007 through September 30, 2007." Does that mean that the purchase must have been made in that time-frame?

2) The rebate form says, "Request for rebate must be postmarked within 30 days of purchase." Is that further restricted by the Sept. 30 deadline?

In other words: On Sept. 4 I purchased a K10D online from Dell, but it was not delivered until Sept. 17. Do I have to have my rebate postmarked by:
a) Sept. 30 (the end of the rebate offer period); or
b) Oct. 4 (30 days after I purchased it); or

c) Oct. 17 (30 days after it was delivered, which is when I first actually had the UPC code required for the rebate)

3) The rebate form says, "To receive your rebate you must enclose the following ... 2) Original sales receipt. (Retain copy of your receipt for your records.)..." Since I bought my K10D from Dell online, I received what Dell calls an "invoice." I want to make sure that this is the same as an "original sales receipt" as stated on the rebate form.

Please respond ASAP, because, based on what the answer to Question #2 above, I may need to submit my paperwork in the next three days.

Thank you,

Greg Kreth


Let's see what happens.....

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