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Re: Mirror reflex lens

pmong wrote:

I too am experimenting with a reflex lens. Can you tell me something
about your lens (make, f-stop, etc.)? I have been using a cheap 500mm
Cambron reflex and an older 500mm Nikon Type-C. Any advice on how to
get the most out of a reflex lens? My tends to produce soft and
low-contrast pictures with dull colors.


Daniel Soh wrote:

Shot with a 1000mm reflex lens.

Can't remember the brand as it is not 'punched' into the lens, got it 10 years ago, some cheap lens. Aperature F11. That image was shot handheld 1/125 sec to minimise hand/lens shake. Reason, why it was shot handheld, because of the flexiblity it gives me. Using a tripod with a 1000mm reflex, you can literally track the moon moving out of the frame and constant tripod adjustments are needed. Focusing is the core ingredient in getting the image sharp, if it is off by a bit, the end result would be a soft image. Took at least 20 images to get it right. Edited the image in Adobe lightroom, where sharpness, further noise reduction and contrast were enhanced.

Hope that helps.

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