Does this Photographer know some stuff or what?

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Another tip...

as far as blurring the background.

What he is NOT doing is blurring it so much that it becomes too 3D but rather letting a slight blur, lighting and haze differentiate between the tree, subjects and background.

cspringer wrote:
looks easy enough. As I pointed out earlier, you can copy a tone from
a picture you like and fill a layer, then play with the layer blend
modes... basically the same as photo filter. You are not limited to
the colors in photo filter either and can color pick from other

I think this picture also shows the extraction I first brought up
earlier on the other picture. The tree and children are on their own
layer and then you can do what you want with the background...often
making several extractions.
Also, the "PAINTERLY" effect is what gives his images their character
as much as any of his other edits. Extracting a subject and
bluring/lighting the background on a photo still looks like an edited
photo vs. a work of art.

Peano wrote:

Pam R wrote:

I don't know if anyone else noticed, but it's not often you can see
and compare 2 versions of an artist's work:

Interesting. Here's the second of those images (top), and (bottom)
with photo filter applied -- normal and multiply modes, adjusted and
masked. At least this technique is fairly easy to replicate.

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