Dell 3007WFP-HC Calibration Experience under XP and Vista

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Dell 3007WFP-HC Calibration Experience under XP and Vista

Well, my carefully chosen Dell 3007WFP developed a "screen fog" problem and had to be replaced. Guess what came as the replacement? The current wide gamut 3007WFP-HC of course!

I know many folks had a lot of problems with this monitor due oversatured colors, especially the red color which messes up the skin tones pretty bad. The colors are always correct in color managed applications such as PhotoShop.

I have experienced all of that and was at a point considering keeping the broken 3007WFP but decided to try two new things.

The first experiment was to set the white point to 6500K. By default, the 3007WFP-HC is set at 5700 to 5900, way too red.

In contrast, the good old 3007WFP default was 6700.

Although I used a third party tool called softMCCS to set the white point to 6500K, I am not sure if that was necessary. After i1 finished the calibration, it reported that the white point was indeed at 6500K.

I am happy to report that after calibrating to 6500K, the redness was greatly reduced and the image displayed by non-color managed apps were much closer to the same one displayed in PSCS or CS3. The browsers, IE, Firefox and Safari, were still showing red images.

I also found that a couple of color managed image viewer programs that can be used under XP, Faststone ImageViewer and ThumbsPlus. ThumbsPlus showed identical colors as PhotoShop under WinXP. Faststone was about 2/3 way there. IrfanView was totally icc unaware!

The second experiment was to install Vista on another partition. That turned out to be the best solution. Before calibration, the images were pretty red as well. After setting the white point to 6500 and calibrating with i1, the colors displayed by the Vista's Windows Photo Gallery (equivalent of the Windows Picture and Fax Viewer in XP) were IDENTICAL to the ones in PhotoShop! The browsers, however, were still messed up under Vista the same level as they were under XP.

It looks like I will be migrating to Vista.

Tomorrow night, I'll try to calibrate to 6700K on XP and see what happens.

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