D70: no PS editing out-of-the box perfect images?

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Re: D70: no PS editing out-of-the box perfect images?

First off, as others have said - please post examples. It's impossible to offer advice without examples.

Also, what exposure settings / programs are you using?

monographix wrote:

i suspect this must have been an old and trivial question but the
search function hasnt been much of a help (or i am just dumber than
the average user the coders of the search module had in mind)

You seem to be assuming that there's some sort of generic answer to the question "how to get the D70 to produce good images out of the camera?". There isn't.

Are there ways to have D70 images virtually not needing any
processing out-of-the-box (-camera) ?

Yes. Get better at using your camera

That's not meant to be rude, BTW. It's just that you seem to be starting from the assumption that the camera is at fault, or at least that there is some sort of special combination of settings that will make it work in a foolproof fashion. And that is very rarely the case. (Unless you actually have a faulty camera, of course.)

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