GX-100 - a new appreciation after trying LX2

Started Aug 28, 2007 | Discussions thread
karspoul Regular Member • Posts: 127
Re: From LX1/2 to GX100

phil fogle wrote:

My 2c worth...
I also use 5D - GX100 is the only compact I've seen that satisfies me
as far as the lens is concerned - I had the Epson R-D1, but prefer
using the GX100. The IQ is all there, but it does need some work to
pull it out.

Hi Phil - I was considering buying an R-D1 (already has a GRD) and fell over your statement. Could you add a little more detail on your comparison of the R-D1 and GX100. I would off hand think the picture quality of the R-D1 would be far superior to Ricoh's compacts. And if you could add anything on handling of the R-D1 it would be very much appreciated as well

Thanks in advance,


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