Difference betwwen Lightroom and other photoviewers

Started Sep 25, 2007 | Discussions thread
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Lars erik Nes Forum Member • Posts: 74
Difference betwwen Lightroom and other photoviewers

Hi alI

I have one small question. When a look at a picture in lightroom or photoshop it does not look the same as in for instace IrfanView or other photoprograms.

The color / temperature / contrast is not the same. It is the same when compareing lightroom agains photoshop, but if compare images from lightroom with web/irfanview the color is off. I use sRGB when exporting from lightroom.

Why is it like that. I am using a standard laptop (not calibrated)

It there something i can do. I would really like the images to be the way they are looking in lightroom.


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