Does this Photographer know some stuff or what?

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if you look at the same area on the left of the tree you can tell that he copied the same bush over and over 3 times. I've never really studied his edits this closely and didn't notice the flaws. His pictures are outstanding but at least on this one, he could have done better. It does make you want to find the nearest oak tree or something similar and pose some kids...extract it and add a interesting wooded background (Perhaps if you took some early morning shots in the woods with the fog and light streaming through).

Dave Jaseck wrote:

On this one, and if so, how many others. If you zoom in on the
backside of the boys legs on the right, you'll see a bit of lighter
pixels along his leg which are lighter than the overall background
indicating an extract or selection of sorts. If this is the case,
gives him a lot of latitude with what he does with the background,
blur, color, saturation etc. If he does this on others, this guy
must spend a lot of time on those images which are brilliant non the
less. But I still think the kids are actors for him and well posed.

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