D3 high ISO samples in digitalreview.ca.

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Re: Illustrating what high shutter speed,

DKjos wrote:

made possible by high ISO, can do. In at least 3 of the images, the
baseball has been captured by the high shutter speed, which I assume
was deliberate. In the ISO 4000 (with High ISO NR Off), the ball is
stopped dead and each ball thread is clearly visible.

High shutter speed is what its all about IMO, and these shots are insane!

Good high ISO performance can make or break the photo. As a D1H user I know this first hand. Many a photo would not have come out if I could not comfortably dial the ISO up above 1000 to gain the shutter speed needed to stop the motion.

I need one of these! was leaning towards the D300, but I think I would always kick myself for not spending the $ on a D3....

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