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Thanks Marc.......

Thanks for the compliments, Marc.

I have one shot of Reyes fielding a hit. I’ll post it tonight. It’s going to be of his backside, as he had to run towards the outfield side of the infield dirt to field the ball then turn around and throw it to 1st base. I might even have a shot of the throw. He did not steal any bases the time I was there, so I was disappointed in that, in fact, not one Met player even attempted a steal from the 3rd inning on. I got to my seat one hour into the game (end of 3rd inning), because it was drizzling the 1st hour and I stayed in my car until it let up. Didn’t want to expose my new camera and lens to the rain when entering the stadium, because the Event Staff always checks my gear and measures my lens to make sure it doesn’t exceed their 8” limit.

Yes, I typically prefocus for the fielding shots. What I mean by that is I keep the AF-ON button (for the 40D, otherwise the * button for the 20D/30D) constantly pressed in Ai Servo AF and always keep my center focus box over the fielder, and my finger half-pressing the shutter button. This way I’m always ready for the play to come to that fielder. Sometimes I guess wrong, but usually I guess correctly. If it’s a right handed batter, I usually prefocus on the ss, sometimes the 3rd baseman. If it’s a left handed batter, I always prefocus on the 2nd baseman. This way I can get the fielding shots, instead of reacting to the hit, figuring out where it’s going, and only getting the “throwing to the bag” shots. With hits to the outfield, I usually have time to figure out where it’s going, lock onto and focus track the outfielder and fire away when I think he’s about to catch the ball. For base stealers at 1st base, sometimes I’ll focus track the entire steal and fire away when he gets close to 2nd base, or sometimes I’ll prefocus on 2nd base and then release the AF-ON button to lock focus, reframe the camera, and wait for the base stealer to enter the frame. In this way, Ai Servo AF works like One Shot.

Thank you for the compliments and for the additional encouragement.

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