Can't wait for my 40D! Any suggestions on accesories?

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Re: Can't wait for my 40D! Any suggestions on accesories?

Memory Card ok, Bag also, but don't ever buy a low cost extreme zoomlens. I did that once and I was terribly disappointed (it was a Sigma 18-200 without OS). The optical quatlity of the extreme lenses like 18-200 isn't that good. It will only shoot sharp pictures at wide angle to 80 - 100mm. On my lens 135 to 200mm were more than unsusable : slow, F6.3, and not sharp at all. And you get a lot of distortions and chromatic abreations for free.. For the money you can either stay with the 17-85 (which isn't bad at all) or buy something like a Tamron 28-75 F2.8. I would stay some time with the kit lens which can produce good results. After that you can always add a zoom lens like the 70-200 or 70-300.

Filters used as protective barrier is not that good. You will loose some quality and maybe produce more lensflares or chromatic abreations. Even more when you buy cheap filters.

The tripod can be cheap and simple. The only thing : it should stand very good, material has to be hard not flexible to avoid vibrations and shaking, and it should resist some kg. I think one could get cheap filmcamera tripods.

A good advice : read, try, test, and be patient.

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