Which lens for D300 for wide angle

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Vince P
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Re: Which lens for D300 for wide angle

nemofin wrote:

Nikkor 12-24 hands down.

Based on what, the looks with the gold ring? Have you used the other lenses? I had the Sigma 10-20 and the 18-50. I bought 12-24 and 17-55 to replace them so it wasn't about budget. I have plenty of Nikon lenses and agree usually they outperform third party lenses. I was very disappointed with the 12-24 when I compared it to the Sigma 10-20 so disappointed I swapped it for another. This was a little better but the Sigma was still equal to it and of course for a wide angle an extra 2mm (3MM for DX) is a big advantage. So I kept the Sigma. This is born out by the tests linked to in this thread and those on Nikonians as well, these reflect my personal experience. I haven't used the Tokina but people who test lenses for a living say it performs slighty better than the Sigma but has slightly worse CA and both overall perform better than the Nikon.

From what I know I'd rule out the Nikon in favour of the Sigma. I would seriously consider the Tokina balancing the extra 2mm of the Sigma, better CA and HSM motor against the better balance better optical performance and constant F4 of the Tokina.

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