Can't wait for my 40D! Any suggestions on accesories?

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Re: Can't wait for my 40D! Any suggestions on accesories?

Remote release.
Spare batt.
Big storage device.
Flash-gun (or two - or five) w diffuser(s).
Flash bracket.
Off camera flash cord.
Comfy strap that doesn't say CANON DIGITAL on it for all theives to see.
A load of L lenses - or Sig EX.
CPL filters for them.
At this point you need insurance.
Filter set w ND-grads.
Big pack to carry it all in.
New job to pay off loan(s).
New custom built desktop computer.
Latest software.
Huge monitor (or three) of appropriate quality.
Calibration equipment.
Massive printer & a load of posh paper.
Another tripod and head for hiking (lighter) maybe abother for studio (heavier).
Light tent.

Ebay account to allow you to ditch the 300 or so useless items you've picked up in error or have decided you don't want or don't work as you'd like.
Daylight temp low-energy lights and stands.
Photo backgrounds w supports.
Bellows and speciality macro lenses.
Optical bench.
Astro telescope w T adapter.

Large collection of obscure vintage glass that no-one else can get and appropriate adapters.
2nd body..........

When you get to that stage ask again and we will continue the list. Lol.

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If we do it right the first time around, how will we sell the upgrade?!
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