Will My Bad Memory Kill My 40D

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static charge on sensor = Myth - see here:

clamac wrote:

I was told that while the camera is turned on the sensor is
electrically charged and therefore can attract dust more easily. If
you change lenses why it is turned on your sensor might "collect"
more dust.

from Chuck Westfall himself:

"I cannot speak for other manufacturers' products, but EOS Digital SLRs with Canon CMOS image sensors do not carry electrostatic charges at any time. Also, when DSLR image sensors are discussed, it's important to remember that the surface of the sensor itself is never exposed to dust. Instead, a low-pass filter is permanently mounted in front of the sensor at a distance of a millimeter or so. ... the low-pass filters used in EOS DSLRs are treated with an anti-static coating during the manufacturing process. This coating passively repels dust particles, but at no time is the filter electrically charged in the camera."

http://www.digitaljournalist.org/issue0704/tech-tips.html (scroll about halfway through the article)

and to answer the OP's original question, no you won't damage your camera changing lenses with the power switch on. I change lenses frequently and I never switch it off - I've have never had any problems, starting back with my old EOS 35mm film cameras more than 15yrs ago

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