How to download and use the CHDK G7 hack

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How to download and use the CHDK G7 hack

here we go, no trawling through massive posts to get the info

1. go here and download the zip file to your computer

2. unzip the file, on most PC's if you rightclick the zip file you should find an option to "extract all"

3. you should now have 2 files in a directory where you extracted the files to as follows


4. get your SD card from your G7 and put it into your computers card reader

5. copy the files above to the SD card by using copy and paste. it is important that the files go into the root of the SD card. (i.e not in a seperate directory or folder)

6. put the SD card back in the camera

7. power on the G7, press the shoot/play button "> "

8. press menu and then press down 3 times so that "FIRM UPDATE" is selected

note** if you cameras lens has not yet retracted this option will not be visible, either change the retraction time to 0 sec or just wait for it to rertract and try this step again.

9. press set, you should be asked "update firmware version?" >

10. press right to highlight ok and press set to accept

11. the camera will make its startup noise and the "powershot G7" startup screen will flash very briefly, also the button on the top right (printer button) will flash blue once (you might not notice it) and you will see a blue box (splash screen) with white text, shortly followed by a battery indicator at the top of the screen, and a % battery remaining in the bottom right

NOTE if you press the play/shoot button now (as you normally would) the camera will hang, to get round this do the following.........

12. press the shutter button half way

the lens will extend and you know the firmware is still running as the battery indicator is still visiible

13. to access the new menus press the print button (top right)

you should see "DEFAULT SCRIPT" and "ALT" displayed at the bottom, white text on a blue background

14. press menu and use the up/down left/right selector as normal and explore the new functions

NOTE the histogram will more that likely be in the way

to get rid of it press the printer button (top right) to take you out of CHDK menus

then press display as you normally would to get rid of the histrogram and grid lines....then press the printer button (top right) to go back into CHDK

hope this helps, as the original instructions arent THAT obvious and there are a few glitches that can make you think the software isnt working.

have fun

sorry the post is very long and feel free to add comments or edit/add to these instructions.

dave (watred)

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