1DMk111 Concert Photo's

Started Sep 21, 2007 | Discussions thread
Colin Dunjohn Senior Member • Posts: 1,103
Hiya Greg..

Agreed and my purpose was to indicate that you were doing just that, capturing the moment and nicely too. With digital however, we have to be our own processors ie no dark room bods to tweak our pictures. It is impossible to get the WB exactly right every time and in concert shooting it is highly unlikely that you will nail the white balance consistently.

PP is today a requirement of high end digital photography. IMO it is impossible to produce top class images without at least the basic photoshop skills of levels/curves and a good sharpening algorithm. With basic knowledge of these two adjustments you can turn a good image into a great one with ease. Also get something like DCE tools colour cast correction. It is a brilliant little peice of software although removing colour casts in photoshop can be done quite adequately by levelling the individual RGB channels in levels.

Great shots, I love concert photography because it is so difficult to do well.

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