K100D (Super) Pictorial guide to using manual lenses [imgs]

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Shooting [imgs]


It will take longer to describe this than it does to actually take a shot, so bear with me:

First, set the aperture ring on the lens to the f/stop you will use:

Next, look through the viewfinder and focus:

Half-press the shutter button to turn on the exposure meter:

You can tell the meter is on when the green digits below the viewfinder image light up (there's a menu option that controls how long the meter stays on - use if if the digits shut off too quickly for your taste). Because it's a manual lens, the camera has no idea what f/number you've set it to, so it will show "F(blank)" for the aperture.

And here's the secret to metering with the manual lenses: while the meter is still on, press the "AE-L" button on the back of the camera (it'll probably be very close to where you thumb naturally sits):

When you hit the button the camera will momentarily stop down the lens to take a light reading, then it will set the shutter speed to the appropriate exposure. You'll see the new shutter speed in the green digits below the viewfinder image. After setting the shutter speed the lens will immediately open back up again - the whole thing takes about a second.

If you think the shutter speed is to slow (or too fast!), adjust the aperture (or ISO sensitivity) and repeat (half-press the shutter to turn on the meter and then press the AE-L button to set the shutter speed).

Everything is set, now just fully depress the shutter button to take the picture:

...and that's it! Once you've got the aperture set in the range you want, the only difference between shooting an automatic vs. a manual lens that you have to focus the manual lens manually (duh!) and you have to press the AE-L button to set the shutter speed. And if the lighting conditions aren't changing then you don't even have to do that. In fact, with constant lighting and a subject that stays within your depth of field, you can probably fire shots off even faster than with an automatic lens!

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