My Love/Hate affair with AC2/3 and advice?

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My Love/Hate affair with AC2/3 and advice?

I am pretty new to the digital world and I have a questions.

1) How long would someone say it takes to get to familar with CS2?

I have books that I read but it just some much stuff! And it seems like there are 100 ways to accomplish the same or very similar results.

I wish I had more time to dedicate to learning the software but with work, family and two kids I can only do but so much. On top of that I am still learning the wonderful world photography just trying to take a decent photograph, exposure. composure, ect... you know what I mean. I my own humble opinion my photo are not all that bad but of course they can be better. And with pratcie hopefully they will.

To get more practice I recently began taking my camera with me to work and I go out taking photos at lunch time with a fellow co-worker. From all that I have read and with some of my results I know that noon time of 1pm is not the best time of day to be out and here in AZ at 108F or hotter doesn't help either! Early morning is not a real option for me have to be at work at 6am (I am up a 4:20am and out the door by 5:20am)

What CS2 has done (for now) is to get me to really concentrate on getting the photo "correct" in camera the first time. To get the photo to "pop" with very little to no post processing.

2) I do shoot RAW and I don't mind the conversions to .jpeg are there any suggestions for a stream line work flow?

Currently, I download my photos rate them. Crop, some exposure adjustments, contrast, saturation... whatever I think maybe needed. Then convert and upload to my web pages (phanfare and/or smug mug: see links below comment are welcomed).

Within my hour lunch (actually a little longer than an hour, please don't tell) I may take about 40 picture or sometimes more and from my own inconsistances each photo made need something a little different. Which means sometimes it will take me awhile to get to all of those that I don't delete.

3) Or do I need to be more patient and more practice with CS2?

4) Need to have vision? When I got to take a photo I see in my mind what I want but needless to say it doesn't alway come out that way : )
5) Should I do "global" or "batch" adjustments then go back and "fine tune"?
6) Or just take better photos ; )
7) develop a "style"

Not looking to be a pro I just love taking pictures.


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