Condensation behind iMac 24 glass?

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Condensation behind iMac 24 glass?

Switched on my new 24", 2.4GHZ alu iMac last night for the very first time and all went very smoothly.
Immediatley checked for dead pixels; not a single one (... sigh of relief!)

Then, all of a sudden I noticed that in the lower right hand corner the screen appears a little blurred!

To my horror 1 saw that there seemed to be a ridge of condensation about 14 cm wide and 3 cm high in the black border and in the utmost lower part of the screen.

It was quite obvious that the spot was directly behind the glass plate covering the screen.

To my relief, it very slowly diminished in size and after about 2 hours had vanished completely, probably due to the screen warming up.
OK, now for the obvious questions:
Has anyone experienced anything like this before?
Can it have caused (permanent) damage even if it doesn't return?
If it does return, I'll bring the mac back!

I'll keep a very critical eye on the screen(?) and will also mention it to my vendor, but it does give me cause for concern!
Thanks for any suggestions!

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