Please help - K100D - metering issues - am I crazy?

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Re: Shouldn’t the histogram be centered when shooting RAW?

You were advised that the answer is no but you haven't accepted this yet. Any particular reason as to why? Where did you get the idea it should be centered?

Canon cameras may produce centered grey card shots but they fake the iso causing the exposure to be "hotter" than a correctly calibrated meter... Most Nikons are like the Pentax. You either have to learn the meter and adjust accordingly or switch brands.
Since you don't believe us, see this:

"If your camera meters off the white background, it will be rendered as medium grey > (about 100 RGB), which is about 2 stops underexposed (note: from white). You can see this information in the Photoshop "Info" window as you move the cursor.
...........From a personal correspondence from a Nikon expert
"Nope, haven't tried the Pentax. But 90 would be awful low for even an 18%
gray spot reading. I'd expect more in the neighborhood of

100 to 110.

And this: pay attention to the photo of the grey card reading using his Seikonic hand held spot meter: Peaks at 105 approx.....Not 120, 125, ect.

Most of the time (excluding matriix maybe) your camera will average the whole thing to 110 (approx), only varying by "weighting" certain zones. Thats why the one metering mode is called "centerweighted", applies more priority to the center but will still expose the center to 110 (approx)..........

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