'The 40D Strikes Back'

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'The 40D Strikes Back'

With the help of many within the Secret Canon Rebel Alliance, we were able to acquire these secret plans to the Nikon Empire's newest threat to the Galaxy. It is encoded in this transmission below:

A you can see, the Nikon Empire has built a massive Canon destroying space station, known as the D3star, bent on attacking our Rebel bases, and eliminating the Canon DSLR Alliance.

Their first strike is said to be at our home world of Candor, a peaceful, blue moon on the far side of the Digital Galaxy - home of our beloved leader the EOS 1D mk III, and base to our entire Rebel Fleet of 40 D-Xwings.

Even though the D3star is over 22 M(illion)P(arsecs)'s away from Candor, it has very good ergonomics, and can move at greater then the speed of light, so it is expected to arrive in the vicinity of Candor within months, and will certainly look good getting there.

Breaking News from the Canon Rebel Alliance - we have dispatched out primary fighter fleet of 40 D-Xwings to intercept the arriving D3star with the hopes of destoying it and protecting our glorious Rebel Home world of Candor. The 40 D-Xwings will use their super high ISO, low noise blasters to take out the D3star's main power grid, in an attempt to blow it up with high frequency banding blasts:

And the outcome - The Farce is with us. The D3star has been successfully destroyed, and peace has been restored to the Digital Galaxy again:

And no, the Nikon D300 is NOT the 40D's father.


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