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Yes, check forflash high trigger voltage

Yes, Some external flash units have high trigger voltage, some as high as 300-600 volts. Please check you trigge voltage with a voltmeter to make sure it is with the 25~30 volts that is at the upper range of the Flash Sync Module. Higher voltage may also damage your camera as their design is for 6 volts trigger voltage. Please see the following site for a list of external flashes and their measured trigger voltages: If your external flash has
high trigger voltage, you might want to consider using the Wein Safe Sync
modules in between your external flash connection and the Flash Sync Module.
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So by the time you purchase all these parts to cludge together a working solution, you might want to save yourself some hassel and just get the PCT-100 or the Flash Sync Module as mentioned at: and mini-reviewed at discribed 1/2 way down at .

Photoney wrote:

Muzz wrote:

Tony wrote:

Well, you could use this with the FS-1100 and the v122 firmware.

Yes it does work with the FS-1100 & V122 with some restrictions.

It works fine with portable small flash such as my Metz, but will
not sync larger studio units.

It seems the pulse for sync isn't strong enough - probably needs
another adaptor such as the wein safe sync.


Be careful what you hook up to any adaptor, some flash units (like
older Metz) can have trigger voltage as high as 230volts and over
time will fry the electronics. The safe sync will work or I use
aQuantim radio slave. Also my studio lights (white Lightning) work
fine with the FS-1100>

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