Cool: Geo tagging with K10D PEFs

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Cool: Geo tagging with K10D PEFs

Looking for a simple and inexpensive solution to automatically geo tag my K10D RAW files I finally was successful. It really is not very complicated to automatically tag you pics not only with GPS coordinates but also with the real names of the locations. All you need is:

  • A small generic GPS receiver capable of logging its data (various simple models available for around 80 Euros) - fits easily in your pocket or whereever.

  • the free software GPicSync (download at ) or any other software you may prefer

  • some addtional time in your RAW processing workflow.

This is how to do it:

1. Make sure that your GPS device is up and running and actually receives GPS information.

2. Set your receiver to log signals once every second.

3. Now the important bit: check the difference between your camera's time and the GPS time. For this shoot a pic of a device capable of displaying the time your GPS receiver logs - either a standard computer connected to this receiver or a PocketPC / Symbian Handy receiving the data. With that picture you have all you need at one glance (if you look at the picture and the Exif data in your favorite PP application later): The K10D's time & the GPS-Time. For exact geotagging it's important to note the difference between the two times down to the seconds!

4. You will need to do this check normally once only, but will have to repeat it if you change the time setting in the K10D.

5. You're all set to shoot now. Do so!

6. After your shoot is over deactivate your GPS logging device.

7. At home download the log data from your GPS device onto your PC. Make sure that you export this data in a format GPicSync understands (GPX or NMEA). If your hard- and software doesn't support one of those, try GPSBabel freeware for translation. ( )

8. Download your PEFs to a temporary directory on your PC.

9. Now run GPicSync and point the software to your log data and your temporary PEF folder. Check "add geonames" if you want to have the location names written in your IPTC data. You need a running internet connection for that though.

10. Important: Use "Options" from the GPicSync's menu to enter the exact time difference between camera and GPS signal (remember step 3?) before you start the geotagging synchronization process!

10. Now hit the big "Synchronise!" butten, and drink some cups of coffee - GPicSnyc is not the fastest software, at least not on my slightly outdated machine.

11. After GPicSync has finished you're ready to import the PEFs into your favourite folder or to convert them to DNGs. I import & DNG convert them with Lightroom, and GPS data and clear text info in the IPTC tags is intact after that.

12. A nice side note: If you click on the coordinates of your pic in Lightroom it launches Google Earth with these coordinates - so you can see quickly where this picture was taken.

That's all. Happy geotagging!

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