White iMac 24 vs 20

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White iMac 24 vs 20

Hello all,

I'm trying to decide which refurb to buy here in the US. The new 20" alum I don't like and the 24" is too expensive. But I can swing either one of the old white refurb ones. I waited for a new good iMac and got thrown into this quandry, which was very unexpected and I am not alone, it seems. I thought I would just get a new 20" for the family, but now I can't because of the screen (my wife agrees; but the 24 is really too much money after tax and Applecare). We were hoping for a better design like the ACD displays, because actually we didn't like the white too much, but now things are looking like it is white or nothing.

We do all the usual on-line stuff and will do video, audio and photo work too. While we aren't experts, we do have very discriminating eyes and ears, so I'm just not sure whether the White iMac 24 or 20 is better for us. (A MacBook is too small a screen for our only computer, so no laptop now either).

I've read tons of posts, but I would appreciate any really good reasons to go with one or the other, especially when it comes to the display.

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I've read bad things about the 24 display evenness, but not much about the 20.
--Is FW800 really a big help for us?
--The 24 is a really big white thing. Does it seem smaller at home?
--Is the Nvidia card better than the ATI?

We don't upgrade equipment often, since it is so expensive with other family things being more important.

I appreciate your comments and patience with another twist on this common question.

Thanks. Ben

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