Best Buy Won't Honor $500 Service Plan - HELP

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You might also decide to politely discuss this in person with the BB Manager. Take a notebook. Ask for everyone's name that you speak with. Ask for copies of all paperwork. Take copious notes WHILE you are speaking with each person you interact with.

Fear/trepidation can also be a great motivator. Don't be arrogant, or coy... just be polite and professional, and upfront about your intent to document every aspect of your experience with them while you give them every opportunity (in this case, a final opportunity) to make good on their service plan and satisfy you as a customer...

THEN, call an ombudsman/consumer advocate, followed by the AG if necessary.

Whatever you do, don't just give in. From your description, if accurate, they are in a bad place and you have the high ground. Don't give up the hill!


icmp wrote:

1. Contact a local "ombudsman", perhaps a local (well read)
newspaper has one, or even a local TV station. Publicity is a
powerful motivator.

2. Depending on how pro-consumer your Attorney General's office is,
call them and report BB for possibly defrauding you/failing to honor
their platinum service plan. A good AG office can work wonders...
Believe me, the last thing BB wants is the possibility of "opening
their books" to someone sniffing around for evidence of consumer
fraud. Just ask Circuit City (whacked all over for their failure to
honor service plans!).


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