I got to try out the D3 today

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Re: D3 will not attract 5D folks...

Sorry I forgot to follow up on this thread. I last posted on Aug 24 after the Nikon D3 rollout party at the Dojima Hotel In Osaka.

By now youv'e all heard about the D3 and alot of information has been released.

I was able to shoot with the D3 for all 9 days of the Osaka World Championships, 17 full sessions, from Aug 25 til Sep 02.

I was working, on deadline, so I didn't get to to try out everything. I shot JPEG only, nite at ISO 3200/4000/5000/6400, days at ISO 400.

Yes, I shot the Mark III whiich I own, as the D2Xs and D2X.

I can confirm that the Mark III's ISO 3200 is roughly the same as the D3's ISO 6400.

Not only has the noise threshold has been improved in the D3 by 3 stops, but the backfocus problems in the D2X are solved in the D3.

I didn't have any of the auto focusing problems with the D3 that I have with my D2X.

I have a D3 on order, quantity 3, back in Silicon Valley, where I live. I shoot both N & C, and I also have one EOS 1Ds Mark III on order.

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